The  "Ben Dorit" - intergenerational       

        Symphony Orchestra       


The Ben-Dorit (intergenerational) Symphony Orchestra under the Musical Direction of David Sofer includes over forty members. The orchestra was founded in 2000 and since 2009 it operates in Hod Hasharon. The Ben-Dorit Orchestra presents three new classical programs every year as well as taking part in numerous performances across Israel.

Since 2011, in collaboration with Dr. Dan Sagiv and The Musical Director Mr Sofer, the orchestra initiated 'Combined Instruments', a special concert program for youth across Israel aged 13-18. The program combines concerts with preceding lectures, developing listening skills and giving the young listeners preparation beforehand.

The Ben-Dorit Symphony Orchestra - as its name states - brings together members from different generations and all ages, joined by the love of music and the significance of community work.






The  Ben Dorit 

Symphony Orchestra





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